Team Liberty Racing Qualifying Wrap-Up: NHRA Sonoma Nationals

SONOMA, Calif. (July 28, 2018) – The Team Liberty Racing duo of Cory Reed and Angelle Sampey take on raceday at the 31st annual Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals tomorrow from the bottom half of the field. Qualified on opposite sides of the ladder, the pair hopes to face off against each other in the final round for top honors.

CORY REED, FIREADE/TEAM LIBERTY RACING BUELL Q1: 6.975, 195.70 Q2: 7.008, 190.89 Q3: 6.947, 197.22 Q4: 6.890, 195.79 Qualified: No. 13 First Round Opponent: LE Tonglet QUOTABLE: “We finally got the bike to run well in the fourth session,” Reed said. “We’ve got some more in it for sure but that’s a good starting point. We’ll go through all of our gears tonight and build a new transmission for tomorrow. LE [Tonglet] is a great competitor and we don’t take each other lightly. I think it’ll be one heck of a race tomorrow.”

ANGELLE SAMPEY, PSE/TEAM LIBERTY RACING BUELL Q1: 19.522, 25.55 Q2: 6.914, 194.44 Q3: 7.014, 197.80 Q4: 6.996, 196.24 Qualified: No. 15 First Round Opponent: Hector Arana Jr. QUOTABLE: “When you launch, you are preparing yourself for 3G’s,” Sampey as she recalled her first qualifying run where she smoked the tires. “You are tightening up your ab muscles and spurring the bike like a horse with your feet and your knees, and then all of a sudden the back tire jumped up and shot my head forward. I probably looked like a rookie rider but that’s what happens when the tire smokes like that.” “I’m really thankful we were able to capitalize on Friday night’s crisp air conditions and get a good run to keep us solidly in the show,” Sampey continued. “Larry Morgan builds our engines and he’s giving us some good power and I think we can really turn on some win lights tomorrow.”

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