Team Liberty Racing Qualifying Wrap-Up: NHRA Four-Wide Nationals

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 28, 2018) – Team Liberty Racing’s Cory Reed and Angelle Sampey pulled into zMAX DRAGWAY with a renewed sense of confidence after making the switch from their Victory Magnum body style to a more familiar Buell body for this weekend’s Ninth annual NHRA Four-Wide Nationals. Both Reed and Sampey will compete on raceday and hope to come out with a winner circle appearance. CORY REED, TEAM LIBERTY RACING/FIREAID BUELL Q1: 7.046-seconds, 192.66 mph Q2: 6.838, 193.54 (+3 bonus points) Q3: 6.939, 195.73 Q4: 6.859, 196.96 Qualified: No. 7 First Round Quad Opponents: Eddie Krawiec, Ryan Oehler, and Joey Gladstone QUOTABLE: “This is the best I’ve qualified since Brainerd in 2016,” Reed beamed. “It’s going to take good lights and good luck to win tomorrow but I think we can accomplish both of those things with both mine and Angelle’s Team Liberty Racing Buells. Switching over to this body style was a lot of work but I think we made the right move. This is the most confident we’ve gone into raceday since we created this team.” ANGELLE SAMPEY, TEAM LIBERTY RACING BUELL Q1: 7.113-seconds, 168.20 mph Q2: 6.948, 188.91 Q3: 6.898, 196.30 Q4: 6.901, 179.30 Qualified: No. 12 First Round Quad Opponents: Hector Arana, Karen Stoffer, and Andrew Hines QUOTABLE: “I didn’t make a single pass this weekend all the way on the throttle,” Sampey admitted. “I have been moving around on the bike in all four lanes, so I know we have a ton left in it still and that’s really exciting. This weekend has been a corner-turning weekend for our team and I’m really excited to see our potential moving forward.”

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