Team Liberty Racing Qualifying Report: Sonoma Nationals

SONOMA, Calif. (July 29, 2017) – The qualifying streak lives on. Both PSE/Team Liberty Racing riders Cory Reed and Angelle Sampey qualified this weekend at the 30th annual NHRA Sonoma Nationals and will compete for the ultimate victory at Sonoma Raceway on Sunday. Cory Reed Closes Out Sonoma Nationals Qualifying with Best Pass of Weekend 2016 Rookie of the Year Reed began his qualifying efforts on his PSE/Team Liberty Racing Victory Magnum with a 6.994-seconds pass at 186.36 mph. A few hours later, Reed crossed the finish line with an improved 6.926, 190.54. On Saturday, Reed’s Victory Magnum had massive tire spin at the launch and he slowed to a 7.009, 191.13. In the final qualifying session of the race, Reed tapped into his experience in his young but impressive two-year career when he ran his best pass of the weekend with a 6.889, 191.46.

Cory Reed Qualifying Stats: Q1: 6.994, 186.36 Q2: 6.926, 190.54 Q3: 7.009, 191.13 Q4: 6.889, 191.46 Qualified: No. 15 First Round Opponent: Hector Arana Jr. Quotable: “We decided to put a brand-new tire on for the third session and that’s why we spun quite a bit,” Reed said. “It actually stuck initially and then spun really high and it just didn’t go anywhere after that.” “We had to try something different with our setup after Denver because what we thought would work didn’t work so we’re going back to what we know,” Reed added.

“Chris put a new motor in for the first session this weekend with some new stuff in it and it didn’t work out how we thought it would unfortunately but it’s all good. We’re going back to what we know.” Angelle Sampey Takes on Pro Bike Battle During Qualifying at Sonoma Raceway On Friday, three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle World Champion Angelle Sampey began qualifying with a 6.884-second pass at 191.92. She drove her PSE/Team Liberty Racing Victory Magnum to an improved 6.874, 1922.22 in the evening session at Sonoma Raceway. Saturday, the third qualifying round also doubled as first round of the Mickey Thompson Tire Pro Bike Battle that Sampey had spent the last year qualifying for. She came into the race in the No. 6 spot and had a first round matchup against LE Tonglet. At the launch, Sampey’s bike bogged off the line and she aborted the run and coasted to a 10.261, 69.39; Tonglet’s 6.830, 196.96 advanced to the second round. When Team Liberty got back to the pits after that run, they discovered the engine had blown up on that run and that gave them a good explanation as to why their performance was down. In the final qualifying session, Sampey clocked in with her fastest of the weekend 6.879, 195.14 - landing her in the No. 13 spot and a first round matchup with fellow Louisiana-native Jerry Savoie.

Angelle Sampey Qualifying Stats: Q1: 6.884, 191.92 Q2: 6.874, 192.22 Q3: 10.261, 69.39 Q4: 6.879, 195.14 Qualified: No. 13 First Round Opponent: Jerry Savoie Quotable: “It really blew up in the first round of the Mickey Thompson Tire Pro Bike Battle today,” Sampey said. “We’re pretty sure it ate a piston and that’s pretty disappointing. We had a shot at it but when it sounded like it did when I launched, I knew something was wrong. It just wasn’t our day to win it.”

“The motor blowing up in the third session and first round of the Mickey Thompson Tire Pro Bike Battle turned out to be a blessing in disguise actually,” she admitted. “We put in a new motor and it ran the best mile per hour our team has had this season.”

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