Team Liberty Racing Qualifying Report: Mile High Nationals

DENVER, Co. (July 22, 2017) – Raceday on the mountain is on the horizon for Team Liberty Racing. Both Cory Reed and Angelle Sampey qualified their PSE/ Team Liberty Racing Victory Magnums Pro Stock Motorcycles and will take on the competition tomorrow at the 38th annual Mile High Nationals. Mother Nature reared her ugly head on Friday as persistent sprinkles halted Pro Stock Motorcycle from making their first qualifying attempt on multiple occasions. Once the weather subsided, team owner Cory Reed clocked in with a stout 7.275-second pass at 181.37 mph. Three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle World Champion Sampey followed the pair behind Reed and as she launched, her Victory Magnum went straight to the center line. Aborting the run to avoid knocking done the timing blocks, she coasted to a 10.283, 79.50. Shortly after, NHRA made the decision that the first session would be the only session Pro Stock Motorcycle and Pro Stock would be making that evening due to the weather. “The weather was frustrating on Friday but NHRA’s decision to cut out a qualifying session was what was really frustrating to me,” Reed said in regards to the second session on Friday being cut after a long day of off and on rain. “It’s pretty challenging because we have sponsors that we want to represent and we didn’t get to do that on Friday.” On Saturday, Sampey made a big improvement when she drove straight down the boulevard at Bandimere Speedway and clocked in with a 7.312, 179.97. Co-crew chiefs Ken Johnson and Chris Rivas showed they had a solid tune-up when Reed ran almost identical to Sampey with a 7.310, 179.71. In the final session, Reed crossed the finish line with a 7.309, 181.11 and Sampey ran her best of the weekend with a 7.278, 182.16. After three rounds of qualifying, Reed ended up as the No. 10 seed and will race Jerry Savoie in the first round. Sampey finished No. 11 and will face off against Andrew Hines tomorrow morning. “I’m happy I ended qualifying with my best pass of the weekend so far,” Sampey said. “Almost crossing the center line in the first session kind of messes with my confidence and I need all the confidence I can get going into raceday. I like racing Andrew [Hines]; he brings out the best in me when I line up against him.” CORY REED, PSE/TEAM LIBERTY RACING VICTORY MAGNUM Qualified: No. 10 ELIMINATIONS REED vs. Jerry Savoie QUALIFYING Friday: 7.275-seconds, 181.37 mph (Session 1); Saturday: 7.310, 179.71 (Session 2); 7.309, 181.11 (Session 3) ANGELLE SAMPEY, PSE/TEAM LIBERTY RACING VICTORY MAGNUM Qualified: No. 11 ELIMINATIONS SAMPEY vs. Andrew Hines QUALIFYING Friday: 10.283-seconds, 79.50 (Session 1); Saturday: 7.312, 179.97 (Session 2); 7.278, 182.16 (Session 3)

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