Team Liberty Racing Qualifying Report: NHRA Southern Nationals

COMMERCE, Ga. (May 6, 2017) – Team Liberty Racing came into the 2017 season with one major goal in mind: qualify both bikes in every race they attend. So far this season, they’ve been able to qualify teammates Cory Reed and Angelle Sampey in all three races. On Friday, Pro Stock Motorcycle had an abbreviated qualifying round before Mother Nature took over and cancelled the festivities for the rest of the day. Before the day was cancelled, both Reed and Sampey were able to take their shot at Atlanta Dragway. Reed clocked in with a 7.004-second pass at 190.06 mph and between drizzling weather, Sampey was able to light the scoreboard on fire with a 6.904, 193.16. Sampey’s run was the last pair to go down the track on Friday and although there was a handful of motorcycles still left to go, she was dubbed the provisional No. 1 qualifier. On Saturday, Team Liberty Racing team owner and rider Reed slowed to a 7.076, 189.34 in the first session of the day. Sampey followed right behind him with an 8.054, 104.38 when she had to abort the run because the cross-wind shoved her right over to the retaining wall. For the final session, Reed ran a consistent 7.012, 189.10 and Sampey clocked in with a 6.910, 192.66. After all qualifying was finished, Reed finished No. 15 and will race LE Tonglet in the first round. Sampey qualified No. 9 and will have a matchup against Joey Gladstone. “We’re learning,” Reed said. “It’s our third race with these new bikes and we’ve qualified for all of the races. Yesterday and this morning, we were just way too aggressive with the tune-up so we dropped the RPM at the starting line in that final session and it bogged real bad. Like I said, we’re still learning but I still feel good going into raceday. I will do the best I can on the tree and I’m sure it’ll be a good race.” “I can’t even tell you what a relief it was to get in the field yesterday,” Sampey said. “It’s a whole different mental game when you’re in on the first run of the weekend. I was really excited to get the provisional No. 1 on Friday but I also understand that the faster bikes didn’t run. I really didn’t think I was going to get bumped all the way down to No. 9 and that’s a little disappointing to lose lane choice. We’ve got more in the bike, though. I feel okay going into tomorrow.” CORY REED, PSE/TEAM LIBERTY RACING VICTORY MAGNUM Qualified: No. 15 ELIMINATIONS REED vs. LE Tonglet QUALIFYING Friday: 7.004-seconds, 190.06 mph (Session 1) Saturday: 7.076, 189.34 (Session 2); 7.012, 189.10 (Session 3) ANGELLE SAMPEY, PSE/TEAM LIBERTY RACING VICTORY MAGNUM Qualified: No. 9 ELIMINATIONS

SAMPEY vs. Joey Gladstone QUALIFYING Friday: 6.904-seconds, 193.16 mph (Session 1) Saturday: 8.054, 104.38 (Session 2); 6.910, 192.66 (Session 3)

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