Chris McGaha Sends Neuralog Chevrolet Camaro to No. 8 Spot at SpringNationals

HOUSTON, Tex. (April 22, 2017) – Chris McGaha drove his Harlow Sammons/Neuralog Chevrolet Camaro to the No. 8 spot after four rounds of qualifying at the 30th annual NHRA SpringNationals. On Friday, Chris rocketed his fondly-known Silver Bullet Camaro to a solid 6.602-second pass at 209.85 mph. In the night session at Royal Purple Raceway on Friday, track conditions were better than anticipated and McGaha headed straight for the left retaining wall and he was forced to shove back in the clutch; he clocked in with a 9.777, 94.35. “We went up there too soft,” McGaha explained. “It drove right to the wall and it’s been doing that all season so far. We decided to start over with this new Chevrolet Camaro this morning and square the car back up.”

Today, their adjustments seemed to fix the issue when McGaha clocked in with a 6.605, 210.14 in the third session. In the final session on Saturday, the Harlow Sammons/Neuralog Pro Stock Camaro began to drift to the right but McGaha was able to recover and save the best for last when he ran his best of the weekend with a 6.598, 209.95. “We were drifting left and now after squaring up the car today, it wants to move right,” McGaha laughed. “If we could meet up in the middle, we’d be fast. I don’t know if we’d kill it but we’d definitely be in the hunt. We’re in the hunt right now, truthfully, but we’d be even more in the hunt if it would go straight.” No. 8 McGaha will have a first-round matchup against No. 7 Drew Skillman. Typically, the No. 8 seed would grant lane choice to McGaha but on the abbreviated 13-car ladder this weekend, Skillman will be the one to choose his lane. The pair has raced one other time this season back in Phoenix. “We’ve run basically the same thing in both lanes this weekend,” he added. “Let them mess it up and put us in the other lane. I’m confident going into tomorrow because we saved our best pass for last and when you end qualifying with a good pass, subconsciously it makes you feel really good for raceday.” CHRIS MCGAHA, HARLOW SAMMONS/NEURALOG CHEVROLET CAMARO Qualified: No. 8 ELIMINATIONS MCGAHA vs. Drew Skillman QUALIFYING Friday: 6.602-seconds, 209.85 mph (Session 1); 9.777, 94.35 (Session 2) Saturday: 6.605, 210.14 (Session 3); 6.598, 209.95 (Session 4)

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