Team Liberty Racing: What’s Next for Cory Reed and Angelle Sampey

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (November 8, 2016) – With the 2017 season on the horizon, teammates Cory Reed and Angelle Sampey have announced their highly-anticipated plans for next year. It was announced in September that Reed was starting his own team in 2017 and three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle World Champion Sampey would be joining him as team manager and the second rider on his team. Team Liberty Racing will run Victory-manufactured motorcycles and are currently working out details for their engine program. It was also announced today that Chris Rivas was named crew chief for the team. Precision Service Equipment (PSE) will remain primary sponsor on both motorcycles and another primary sponsor is in the finalization process and will be announced soon. “There’s a lot to be done before next March and I’m excited about the challenge,” Reed said. “It’s not going to be easy and we all know that and everyone on the team understands how much work this is going to be. Angelle is going to be an amazing team manager and she’s been working nonstop since we decided to start our own team and it’s already started paying off.” “Chris Rivas is joining our team to handle all the tuning along with providing knowledge and advice,” he added. “Having another person with as much experience and ambition is only going to elevate the team and bring everyone up to that next level that we all want to be on. To go from my rookie season to starting a team the next is crazy to think about but it’s what I’m used to because my family has always raced for our family team. I believe it’s going to be a much better fit for me and I hope to carry some of the success I had this year with me.” “As the 2016 season ends this weekend, my new venture is already in full swing,” Sampey said. “I’ve been working diligently at hashing out details for Team Liberty Racing and I am so excited about what’s in store for Cory and myself. I am thrilled to have Chris as a tuner and teammate. He’s genuinely a great person and his experience and knowledge are a huge asset.” New sponsors for Team Liberty Racing in 2017 includes Precision Reprographics and Coral Fever. Additional sponsors that are continuing their support for Reed and Sampey include High Performance Lubricants, Bates Leather, Impact Racing, and Full Blown Paint.

Meet The Crew Chief

Chris Rivas was first hired as a rider in the NHRA in 2005 riding an S&S Cycle bike. Rivas competed for four years and finished as high as second place in points in 2008. During the 2008 season, Chris was able to learn critical tuning skills from George Smith, son of S&S Cycle founder, which was key to their success. In 2009, Rivas partnered with S&S once again to set records at the historic Bonneville Salt Flats; he went on to net two class records in his first outing. Currently, Rivas holds 12 land speed records and has established his S&S Powered bike as the fastest sit on American V-Twin ever with a top speed at Bonneville of 244.7 MPH.

Rivas also owns and operates a performance Camshaft company, Rocket Cams Inc. as well as Chris Rivas V-Twin a performance motorcycle shop in Fresno, CA. where he is in high demand for his EFI Tuning skills. In the past couple of years, he has been hired by teams as a tuner and engine builder with great success. “When the 2008 season ended, I was not ready to stop racing,” Rivas said. “My passion is drag racing and I am very excited to use my proven tuning skills with a team like Team Liberty. Having two great riders like Angelle and Cory gives me high hopes for the 2017 season and beyond.”


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