Pro Mod National Event Record Holder Jonathan Gray Returns to Competition in Indy

ARTESIA, N.M. (August 16, 2016) – Currently holding the rights to the elapsed time half of the Pro Mod national record with a 5.751, Jonathan Gray hasn’t been behind the wheel of a Pro Mod since his frightful crash in Houston earlier this season. Gray has partnered up with Hairston Motorsports and will be running for the U.S. Nationals title in their bright orange Pontiac GTO. Gray also plans to attend St. Louis and Las Vegas this season. “Right after we had the tire issue and I crashed in Harry Hruska’s car, I talked with them [Hairston Motorsports] about potentially using this car while the other one was being fixed,” Gray said. “When the deal with Harry didn’t work out, I decided to step away from Pro Mod for a little while. I recently started talking with Jake Hairston about running a few races this year and the rest is history.”

The last time Gray was on track was his catastrophic crash in Houston and although the crash isn’t out of his memory just yet, he knows it’s important to get back behind the wheel and there’s no better place than Indy.

“The crash is always in the back of your mind but you just gotta do it and get over it,” he admitted. “Indy will be the perfect race for me to come back. It doesn’t matter if you’re running Super Stock, Pro Stock or Pro Modified, racing at Indy is a big deal. It’d be a pretty bad ass deal if we could win and I’m definitely in good enough equipment to do that.” Gray plans on testing in the Hairston Motorsports Pontiac GTO in Memphis the week before the U.S. Nationals.

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