Angelle Sampey Clinches Spot in Countdown After Second Round Exit at Toyota Sonoma NHRA Nationals

SONOMA, Calif. (July 31, 2016) – Angelle Sampey drove her Star Racing/PSE Buell to the second round of eliminations before her raceday efforts were cut short. The silver lining to the weekend is that Sampey clinched her spot as the third racer to make it into the Countdown for the 2016 season. In the first round, Sampey’s No. 2 qualifying position landed her lane choice over Angie Smith. Sampey was delayed on the light at the launch but nothing could stop Sampey when she clocked in with a 6.730-second pass at 199.76 – the second quickest pass in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle history. Sampey advanced to the second round over Smith’s slowed 6.953, 191.13. “I didn’t think it was a 73,” Sampey disclosed. “I was late on the light and it was totally my fault. I was afraid of red-lighting and I overcompensated. She got out on me and I saw her which caused me to short shift. If I wouldn’t have done that, I would’ve done 200 miles an hour. If I didn’t have to correct the bike, I would’ve gone 200. After I got the bike straight, I knew she was out on me and I did everything I could to catch up; I tucked in and waited on all the gears and I just chased her down. That run was insane!” Second round, Sampey chose the left lane over Hector Arana Jr. Sampey had a .034-second reaction time and was ahead of Arana Jr. before her engine broke and smoke billowed from underneath her PSE Buell giving the win to Arana Jr. who clocked in with a 6.827, 196.73. “I was so determined to do a better job in round two,” she added. “I left good and the bike went straight and then it broke.” Although she had an earlier than desired exit, Sampey clinched her spot in the Countdown to the Championship. “That’s a relief,” she signed. “We missed a couple races last year and I missed the top ten by just a couple of points so at least we can relax about that part of it and have a fun time as we go into the Countdown.” ANGELLE SAMPEY, PSE/STAR RACING BUELL Qualified: No. 2 ELIMINATIONS First Round: SAMPEY (6.730-second, 199.76 mph) def. Angie Smith (6.953, 191.13) Second Round: Hector Arana Jr. (6.827, 196.73) def. SAMPEY (10.865, 73.78) QUALIFYING FRIDAY: 6.897-second, 191.89 mph (Session 1); 6.854, 193.96 (Session 2) SATURDAY: 6.752, 198.12 (Session 3); 6.819, 195.22 (Session 4)

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