Star Racing K&N Filters Route 66 NHRA Nationals Qualifying Report

JOLIET, Ill. (July 9, 2016) – Teammates Angelle Sampey and Cory Reed drove their Star Racing/Precision Service Equipment Buells consistently right down the boulevard at Route 66 Raceway during four rounds of qualifying. Sampey ended qualifying in the No. 3 spot and Reed finished No. 11 at the 19th annual K&N Filters Route 66 NHRA Nationals heading into raceday on Sunday. In Friday’s qualifying session, Sampey clocked in with a 7.023-second pass at 192.55 mph. In Friday’s night session, Sampey improved but crossed the finish line with a troubled 7.001, 193.13. Not making it into the top 12 after Friday’s two sessions, Sampey was forced to start from scratch on Saturday. In Saturday’s first qualifying, Sampey came back in her championship form when she ran a 6.853, 195.59 and jumped from not being qualified to the No. 2 spot; she also was quickest of the round and collected three bonus points. “I wasn’t as nervous as I was in Norwalk going into Saturday not being qualified,” the three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle World Champion said. “I felt like the bike would be just fine and the weather was going to be good. By no means do I enjoy not being qualified going into Sunday and it’s not something I want to get used to but like I said, I had all the confidence in my bike and my team.” Sampey closed out qualifying with a 6.889, 191.81 and finished qualifying in the No. 3 spot. She will begin her raceday journey with lane choice over Jim Underdahl in the first round. Teammate Cory Reed’s theme during qualifying was constant improvement. Each round, Reed improved inch by inch on his Star Racing/PSE Buell. Friday’s first session for Reed’s half of the Star Racing/PSE Buell produced a 6.942-second pass at 195.08 mph. Reed came back in Friday’s evening session with a slightly improved 6.920, 193.40. Reed’s run in Saturday’s first session materialized a 6.908, 193.24, once again improving with each pass down Route 66 Raceway. Reed concluded qualifying with a 6.961,190.89; he finished up qualifying in the No. 11 spot with a first round matchup with LE Tonglet. “The first run in qualifying was a solid start for us,” Reed said. “In Q3, my legs cramped up and it screwed up my run big time. I think I could’ve run at least a 6.88 but it was still good. As long as we can run faster than my final run in qualifying, I think we’ll be good.” ANGELLE SAMPEY, PSE/STAR RACING BUELL Qualified: No. 3 ELIMINATIONS SAMPEY vs. Jim Underdahl QUALIFYING FRIDAY: 7.023-second, 192.55 mph (Session 1); 7.001, 193.13 (Session 2) SATURDAY: 6.853, 195.59 (Session 3); 6.889, 191.81 (Session 4) CORY REED, PSE/STAR RACING BUELL Qualified: No. 11 ELIMINATIONS REED vs. LE Tonglet QUALIFYING FRIDAY: 6.942-second, 195.08 mph (Session 1); 6.920, 193.40 (Session 2) SATURDAY: 6.908, 193.24 (Session 3); 6.961, 190.89 (Session 4) TELEVISION ON FS1: Sunday, July 10, FS1 will televise three hours of live finals coverage at 2 p.m. (ET). RACE SCHEDULE: SUNDAY, July 10 - Pre-race ceremonies, 10 a.m.; eliminations begin at 11 a.m.

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