Star Racing’s Sampey And Reed Both Reach Top Half Of Field After Qualifying


Star Racing’s Sampey and Reed Both Reach Top Half of Field After Qualifying

NORWALK, Ohio (June 25, 2016) - The Star Racing/Precision Service Equipment duo of Angelle Sampey and Cory Reed had their best outing yet during qualifying at the 10th annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals. After four rounds of qualifying, Sampey qualified No. 6 and Reed was close behind with his career best No. 7 starting position.

Angelle Sampey Translates Struggles in Qualifying to Top Half Entry into Sunday

Coming off her win in Englishtown, Angelle Sampey came out in the first session and after coming close to the center line, she aborted the run. Sampey clocked in with a 7.081-second pass at 155.74 mph. Hoping for better results in the second session on Friday evening, Sampey rode her bike as long as she could until she almost crossed the center line once again, slowing to a 7.263, 145.09. Due to not qualifying in the top 12 on Friday, Sampey didn’t have a time on the board and was starting from scratch. She came up to the line with determination and going straight down Summit Motorsports Park, she clocked in with a 6.876, 195.08 and rocketed her Buell to top half of the field. Ending out qualifying, engine troubles plagued the team and she coasted to the finish line with a 10.398, 77.37. “I feel like we got in the show by the grace of God,” Sampey affirmed. “I really only had one run down the track and was lucky enough that it was a good one. It has been a rough weekend so far but getting a spot to race on Sunday is ultimately the goal we’re aiming for. I’m proud that Cory is in the top half with me and I know tomorrow is a new day and we are ready to go some rounds.” With her No. 6 qualifying position, Sampey will have lane choice over Steve Johnson in the first round of eliminations. ANGELLE SAMPEY, PSE/STAR RACING BUELL Qualified: No. 6 ELIMINATIONS SAMPEY vs. Steve Johnson QUALIFYING FRIDAY: 7.081, 155.74 (Session 1); 7.263, 145.09 (Session 2) SATURDAY: 6.876, 195.08 (Session 3); 10.398, 77.37 (Session 4) Cory Reed Captures Best Qualifying Spot of Career at Norwalk On Friday’s first session, Reed crossed the finish line with a 6.972, 191.43 pass. Running extremely late on Friday night, the Star Racing/PSE Buell team knew they needed to capitalize on the cool conditions to improve Reed’s qualifying position. Reed clocked in with his career best 6.884, 192.88 on Friday’s night session. On Saturday’s first session, Reed ran a 6.964, 192.99 in the hot track conditions. He closed out qualifying with a 7.010, 191.13. Reed ended qualifying No. 7 and will have lane choice for the first time in his career; that lane choice will come against Scotty Pollacheck in the first round tomorrow. “Having lane choice definitely gives me confidence since there is a gnarly bump in the left lane that I want to avoid,” Reed said. “It unsettled the tire both times I ran in it during qualifying and it made us 60 foot really bad too. As long as we don’t spin and run our normal 1.05 sixty-foot time, I think we’ll have a good chance to go rounds tomorrow.” CORY REED, PSE/STAR RACING BUELL Qualified: No. 7 ELIMINATIONS REED vs. Scotty Pollacheck QUALIFYING FRIDAY: 6.972, 191.43 (Session 1); 6.884, 192.88 (Session 2) SATURDAY: 6.964, 192.99 (Session 3); 7.010, 191.13 (Session 4)


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