Star Racing NHRA Summernationals Qualifying Report

ENGLISHTOWN, N.J. (June 11, 2016) – Star Racing/Precision Service Equipment riders Angelle Sampey and Cory Reed both qualified for the very competitive NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle field at the 47th annual NHRA Summernationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Sampey finished qualifying No. 5 and Reed ended up in the No. 15 spot.

Angelle Sampey Hoping Top Half Qualifying Efforts Leads to Winner Circle

In Friday’s session, Sampey clocked in with a 6.804-seconds at 196.56 mph. Shooting her straight up to the No. 3 spot, Sampey collected 1 bonus point for that run. In Friday’s night session, she ran a solid 6.837, 196.67. On Saturday, track and weather conditions changed drastically. In the heat, Sampey crossed the finish line with a 6.896, 193.38 and collected two more bonus points for being the second fastest bike of the session. To close out qualifying, she ran a 6.923, 194.49. “I just looked at it and I’ve got a tough side of the ladder,” Sampey said. “I feel good going into tomorrow, though. I don’t think it’s going to be easy by any means but this class never is anymore.” Sampey qualified No. 5 and that will give her lane choice over Michael Ray in the first round tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. “We’ve got more in it,” she added. “I’m proud of us. I think we’re doing a good job and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” ANGELLE SAMPEY, PSE/STAR RACING BUELL Qualified: No. 5 ELIMINATIONS SAMPEY vs. Michael Ray QUALIFYING FRIDAY: 6.804-second, 196.56 mph (Session 1); 6.837, 196.67 (Session 2) SATURDAY: 6.896, 193.38 (Session 3); 6.923, 194.49 (Session 4)

Cory Reed Qualifies for Second Race in Career

Cory Reed came to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in the first session and ran a 7.062, 188.75 due to a small faulty part in the engine. Reed came back in the second session and improved to a 6.981, 192.77. The 6.981 pass wasn’t enough to get him in the field just yet but Reed knew he could count on his Star Racing/PSE team and their ability to get him in the field on Saturday. In Saturday’s first session, Reed continued to improve when he went through the lights with a 6.976, 190.16, putting him in the No. 15 spot with one session left. He returned for the final session and closed out qualifying with a 6.975, 191.65 and was able to remain in the field to race for all the glory on Sunday. “Having good lights tomorrow will help us go rounds I think,” Reed said. “I really thought I was going to win some rounds in Atlanta and then first round the bike didn’t shift. I’m ready to go up there and not worry about anything and go some rounds.” Reed qualified in the No. 15 spot and will race Jerry Savoie in the first round tomorrow. In just his second raceday start of his rookie career, Reed isn’t nervous to stage up against any competitor on Sunday. “I don’t get nervous or psych myself out,” he said. “After you jump 75 foot triples in motocross, this is fun but it doesn’t make me nervous or anything. I’ve had some bad crashes in motocross so I think that’s why my adrenaline doesn’t get too high when I am racing this motorcycle. This is just fun.” CORY REED, PSE/STAR RACING BUELL Qualified: No. 15 ELIMINATIONS REED vs. Jerry Savoie QUALIFYING FRIDAY: 7.062-second, 188.75 mph (Session 1); 6.981, 192.77 (Session 2) SATURDAY: 6.976, 190.16 (Session 3); 6.975, 191.65 (Session 4)

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